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”Enmansorkestern talar ut om ljudgrävningsplatsen där han spelar in sina nya låtar, och hur han hittar dem. Om låtar boende i instrument, och om gröna människor på ängen som bara vilsna kan hitta.” Click here to readthe interview!

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Irland's finest music and culture magazine Pure M cought up with Hardy Hum for a chat about the forthcoming album, song-writing, recording process, inspiration...
In fact, this interview is featured in Pure M's first ever printed issue invading the newsstands all over the Ireland this week. Click here to read and check out the rest of Pure M's great articles on music, film, books an much more!

Photo: Fanny Miles
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Check out some new photage from the Kapten Studios Nkpg as Kapten cuts drums for new album! It’s all about that vintage sound and feel, capturing the moving air in the room and putting it down on tape. SPOILER ALLERT (insider info revealed): those drums sing like a bebopjazzpunk wildcat on steroids!

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Music video for Nobody Cares gets editor's pick as one of best videos in 2015 at Cat On The Wall Music and Culture Webzine with motivation: "It’s an impressive scope of video too; lots of atmosphere, tons of special effects and silhouettes of people long lost – and, if you look at it purely aesthetically? The grimy, dirty and well-timed set up will appeal to anybody".

Read the whole article and watch other "unusual and often rather bizarre music videos" by clicking here or on the picture below!

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